Wednesday, May 08, 2013

It's MTB Time!

Well yesterday I made the call to skip the Tuesday Night Ride for family time.  Picked the kids up from daycare and school.  Went to Riverside Park and played.  Mom came later with Subway.  Home to change and off to swimming lessons.  Home and bed.
While it was awesome to hang with the family and I really enjoyed it the weather was perfect for a ride.  But I figure there will be many more rides!

Got the word yesterday the both The North Loop and Plum Creek are open and ready for riding!  It's time I get the MTB ready to rip.  It's been idle for too long.

Not that I'm doing them but there are some mountain bike races this weekend too: Spring Fling at Elk River and the Sandwich 50 in Rochester.  I think the season is finally here.

The rain appears to be holding off this morning so some gravel is in store for me.


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