Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Life.

Last year at this time I was riding a 6 days a week a lot.  This year not even half that.  I'm not sure it was anyone thing that caused me to flip a switch but rather a culmination of things.  A good friend of mine lost his younger sister in a car accident, Harper turned 1 (while the others turned 10 and 7!), spent way too much money on bike stuff, and, I'm sure, was a wee bit burnt out.

Well my break (a few to several months) has started to turn into laziness so it's over!  I'm not going back to 6 days a week of riding (yet!) but going to ride when I can and the opportunity is there.  I have reached the point where I don't freak out if I can't ride and I don't want to lose that.  My goal/focus I've made for myself is still my winter racing.  I will ramp the riding up more towards fall and forward.  I'm super excited to have fun on a bike because it's a bike and not because I just rode 100 miles.  Although I do believe that can be a lot of fun too!

I still have a few races coming up.  It is hard for me to go into these events not feeling 100% or like I did last year.  But the time and energy I get to spend with my family has and will far out weigh that.

Next up is the Dirty Benjamin and the Chequmegon 100.  Both will be tough but damn fun too.  Can't wait.

Doing something different today, my noon-8 work day.  Even though there is no wind I'm not hitting up gravel but some dirt!  Plum Creek and North Loop here I come.  Heard they are dry enough to ride and with more rain tonight and tomorrow this may be it for the week.  Then it will be on to the gravel!

Ah blogging...the place I type it all out so it makes sense to me.  But really, Just Go For A Ride...any ride!

Later Friends and thanks.

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