Thursday, May 09, 2013

New Plan.

I had sometime to thing today...whoa alert the media!
That and somethings people relayed to me via social media have me feeling very comfortable with my decisions as of late.  I pulled out of Trans Iowa and now the Alexander...but still doing the Almanzo.

I had a very bike filled past summer, fall, and winter...with winter being my peak season for racing.  I don't feel I'm "burnt" out because I truly want to get out and ride and ride and ride...
But I also don't want to ride my kid's childhoods away.  I know there is a balance to this that many people achieve but being a recovering alcoholic (i.e. addict) I'm a kind of an all or nothing type guy.

I've got a new plan.  I'm doing the Almanzo and the other handful of races I've signed up for but this time truly "for fun" (yes I know they are all fun, but those that race know what I mean).  I'll still ride and still ride a lot at times.  But I need and want a bit of a break to not have riding fully control my life and in turn the lives of my family.  Come late summer/early fall I hope to get back at it (of sorts) and race some cross and begin the process to focus on my winter that's where my true desire lies.

So yeah...lets ride!

Word and thanks for reading my continued excuses...but it helps me figure this thing called life out!

Later Friends!

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Eric said...

well done - and well reasoned. you're a good man.