Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Different Week.

Last week I was able to fit in a ton of riding, almost 400 miles.  This week appears to be much different.  We were all caught up at work but after this past weekend we are back in the weeds and I'm stuck in back doing repairs.  I love doing repairs but my other duties then suffer.  So instead of an early morning ride it's in to do some repairs.  Not complaining however, being too busy is good!
Tonight is trail work so no riding there.
I will get a ride in Wednesday with Thursday and Friday being easier days in preparation for the Chequamegon 100 on Saturday.
I'm going to have some tired legs, so it's for the best this will be an easy ride week!

Last night the family and I went out to the BMX track to watch some races.  Team Revolution has a strong team.  Super fun to watch.  Brinna is on the fence if she wants to try it or not.  I don't blame her, I bike all the time and look at the track in awe and fear.

Ride On.

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