Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fast Summer Days.

Yesterday's ride was one that I just wanted to keep going.  I found the zone, felt good, so go and go I did...well till it was time to turn around and head for work.
Again I grabbed the Salsa Colossal and headed south into the wind.  Not an exciting route but it didn't seem to matter: Cty road 8, 24, 6, Howard Lake, 12, 5, 37, French Lake, 3, and home (a big rectangle).  4.5 hours for 86 miles.  Fun day on the bike.

Once at work the chaos started and I got a wee bit bitchy.  Phone calls, texts, emails, questions, customers, a mounting to do list and I just got in...ahhhh.  But it ended well and had a good day at work too.  I just need to ease into things, I don't do well jumping in with both feet and hoping for the best, but sometimes that's retail!

The Chequamegon 100 is this weekend and I've done little to nothing to prepare for the trip.  Well I did put my bike in the stand yesterday and shook the dirt off.  Forced myself to redo the tubeless setup.  It is a single speed so it should be pretty good to go.  I hoped to go to Plum Creek after work to take in the fruits of our labor (Tuesday Trail Work) and give the bike a last shake down run but we had some good storms roll through here last night.  But maybe...
I have some new wheels I'm super stoked to use but I'm going to wait till after the race.  I don't want to have the first time on them at a 100 mile race with potential muddy conditions.  Next week!  Got me a little Enve!!!

Back to Work.

Ride On.

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