Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I've gotten some good rides in the past two days!  Hell even a long ride on Friday too.  It's starting to turn around...just in time for another week of rain.
Trail run this morning before work is the plan.  The rest of the week is in a "wait and see" pattern because of the rain.  I'll ride, just not sure what and when.  Man it feels great to be on the bike with a bit more consistency.
We also have our big anniversary sale at the shop starting Thursday-Sunday.  All hands on deck so I'll be busy with that.

I need to get my All City Nature Boy set for the Dirty Benjamin on the 15th.  It's currently set up for cyclocross use.  Needs a bigger gear for the gravel.  I miss that bike.  Excited to get back on it.  Just lacking the time to do the needed work.  Well time and energy.

Time to wake the kids.


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