Thursday, June 06, 2013

I Didn't Melt.

Yesterday was my first rain ride.  I've been pretty soft when it comes to riding in the rain.  But, as of late, if you don't ride in bad weather you aren't riding.  So out the door with my Salsa Ti I mean Las Cruces.  Last second change of mind.  Glad I did.  About a mile in and the drizzle started...and never stopped.  Amazing how much sand collected on myself and the bike.  Truly I love riding in the rain.  I just really hate what it does to the bike and the work that is involved after the ride.
Made my way out the the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge.  It's been awhile so it was a fun route.

Today is an off day.  Was going to maybe run but the legs are a bit tweaked from running on Tuesday.  Plus our Anniversary Sale starts today and I have a lot to do at work yet.  Early morning start.
It's been a good week: Sunday 13 mile mtb ride, Monday 76 mile road ride, Tuesday and hour trail run, yesterday a 56 mile wet road ride.  More to come!

I think I've turned the corner!

Ride on.

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