Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Survived!

Yesterday I did my first Tuesday Night Ride (TNR).  Weather, scheduling conflicts, lack of desire, school functions, and family all kept me away till now.  I was a bit nervous...I didn't want to get dropped.
The night was perfect.  NO WIND!  We did hit a bit of rain but did I mention that there wasn't any wind?!  Temps were good too.  Warm but not hot.  We also had a big group.  I'd guess about 12 at the start, maybe more.  Down a few at the end.

Of course we hit hills: 4 whores, Hollyhock, Farming, Old Shep, Tower, and home through the St. Joe Rollers.  My garmin showed about 3000 feet of climbing.
I was never the first up the hills but I didn't fall off the back either.  A couple times I waited for other riders to assist in bridging back up.  A few minutes into the bridge attempt I would realize I don't have the power I once had and found myself in the hurt locker.  Not having been in a group like that for a bit either I was a bit rusty managing my speed while drafting.  Too fast, too slow, dig, brake, ugh.

Ride ended with 68 miles at a 22mph average.  The legs are a bit heavy this morning but not bad.  Surprised and happy.  My lower back and upper left butt cheek however were killing me on the ride last night.  Most of my focus was on that.  Pushing the single speed this weekend at the Dirty Benjamin may hurt and not be the smartest thing I've done...but then again I've never claimed to be a smart man.
Got up at 4:50 this morning to ride but thunder, lighting, and rain brought me back to bed.  It seems to have passed.  Out for a 3-4 hour cruise then work.


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