Thursday, June 27, 2013

Old Habbits Die Hard.

I need to be careful.  I posted awhile back that I was going into this season with a "whatever" attitude and riding when it fit and made sense.  But since school has been out my time has opened up some and I feel myself falling back into the "I have to ride" mentality.
This morning I woke up at 5:15 to get a short 30 mile ride in.  But I was tired, my legs were tired, and it was already windy...making an easy ride, harder.  So back to bed I went.  Inevitably I layed there wondering if I should ride or not.  What the hell?!  Who cares?  Dork!  Yep, I fell asleep.
Since Monday I've ridden 100 hard miles on Tuesday, followed up by a good 73 miles on Wednesday.  A day off is needed.
OK I'm over it.  Moving on.  Sorry.

In cloud town it's Granite City Days.  This afternoon is the Lemonade Arts Festival.  I've never been but the kids go every year.  Today is my work till noon day.  Usually a ride is in order but today we are biking over to the festival.  I mentioned a ride later but got shot down with house chores and such!

Still trying to figure out a date for the Dirt Bag.  Lots of stuff going on the end of September through October.  It's inevitable it will fall on a cyclocross weekend.  Just need to figure out which one I can live without doing?
Thought about November but lots of hunting is going on and that's a headache I can live without.
The goal is to have something figured out by next week.



Tim said...

Just an FYI....the 2nd Woodchipper 100 gravel event will be occuring on Saturday, October 5th near Rollag, MN. We enjoy the hills and lakes of northwestern MN with a trip through Maplewood State Park.

I'm not saying when to have Dirt Bag. I'm not into worrying about more than one event on a given day. Just wanted to inform you.

Tim Bauer

Ben said...

Thanks Tim,

Looking at the the following two weekends.