Thursday, June 13, 2013


The battle with the rain continues.  Sorry, it's like a broken record.
I left yesterday morning around 7 to wet roads.  The further east and north I got the drier it became.  I noticed the south and a bit west was getting dark, but radar showed it staying that way.  By the time I turned for home the skies in front of my were dark.  Damn.  The last hour of the ride was in the rain.  It was actually fun but getting home with sand drenched shoes, clothing and bike sucks.  The ride is the easy part!  I was able to get in 3.5 hours and 66 miles.

Today is my off day and the skies decide to dump a whole bunch of sunshine.  Sure is tempting me.  Today is my 9-noon day too.  But with this being Jen's first week off of school she's got all kinds of plans...wish me luck.

A couple of events are coming up you may be interested in.

The first is on June 18th (Tuesday) there will be trail work at Plum Creek (River Bluffs).  Meet at the trail head off 33rd at 5:30.  It's tick and mosquito season so dress appropriately.  Just realized this is the Tuesday Night Ride so I may or may not be there...but I know of several others.

The following Tuesday, June 25th, will be the Summer Solstice Ride.  Leaves the shop at 4:30 for 100 miles at 20+ average.  New route was picked to hopefully avoid the chaos of previous routes!


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