Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The 100 Miles of Summer.

What a Summer Solstice Century ride we had!  I was a bit nervous throughout the day that the weather would turn bad, but it never did and the ride went on.  We started with 21 riders and finished with 19 as two planned to turn off for the kiddie ride.  It was a great group.  We took turns working and we all stuck together.

By mile 50 we had our 7th flat of the group!  I was one of the 7.  I'm currently running 700x28's and really like the width and the freedom/comfort it gives me.  I had planned to use 700x25's once the time came but now it's here I don't know.  Hutchinson also has a 28 in a tubeless version that is intriguing.  Decisions.

Because of the flats we really pushed the pace when we could to make up time and the race the setting sun.  Damn sun doesn't stop setting when we stop to pee, refuel, or change a flat!

The route was perfect, even with a mile or two on Hwy 10 (north of Little Falls, best road all night long!), and very few of around 1000 feet of climbing!  Good 'ol Minnesota.
Ended with 4 hours 20 minutes, 100 miles, and a 22.3 avg.

If I did that ride by myself I would have been hungry or what I thought was hungry.  But during the ride or other races I barley feel the need to eat.  Working too hard I guess.  I do have a few more built in reserves than most so maybe that's the ticket!  Still not too ravenous, that usually comes tomorrow or tonight.

Noon to 8 shift today so heading out for a spin soon.  It's pea soup thick out there.  Not going to complain yet...but soon if it doesn't pass!

Ride On.

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