Monday, June 17, 2013

Westside Dirty Benjamin.

Saturday the Dirty B went down, and like previous years in didn't disappoint.  Not sure on the numbers but heard about a 170 toed the line.
The sun was out and the heat was creeping higher.  Luckily it later clouded up and stayed relatively comfortable.
The race was an odd one this year.  The lead group was big, about 40-50? riders strong.  But there was no organization or attacks so the pace was pretty mellow.  I for one, on a single speed, was ok with that!  A side benefit for cruising at a comfortable pace was a lot of chit chatting was able to happen.  Many of these riders I only see at races.

The only checkpoint comes in at 61 miles.  It's a mad dash to get to your drop bag and on your way again.  This is where the first big break will happen.  I feel I'm pretty fast here but someone tied my bag together and I struggled with the simple know.  As I looked up the hill I saw several riders disappear into the woods and single track.  I chased a bit but was in the group, now around 15-20.  Initially the pace was hot but slowed back up and a few others climbed back on.

The next section to cause a break comes around mile 80 and the BRAAAP section.  This is a short section through some undeveloped lowlands behind some houses.  Like last year I struggled with the section on the single speed.  Out on the road two main groups formed with some chasers behind.  I was in the second group of about 7.  We, or rather they, were killing it trying to bridge the gap.  Being on a single speed I wasn't able to hand much assistance in the way of chasing as I was giving it everything I had to just hang on.  We were going anywhere from 23-25 mph.  So yeah, the legs were spinning.
Eventually I let them go.  I was currently the lead single speed and the pace was killing me.  I rode the last 10-12 miles mostly solo.

Even with a slower average speed, 18.8 vs last year of 19.5, I was glad to roll into the finishing parking lot.  Cold water and real food were on my mind and the crew of the WDB came through.
For the second time in a row and third time overall I was the single speed champion.  I believe I was around 18th over all: 5hrs 40some minutes, 18.8 avg, 108 miles, just under 3000 feet of climbing.
Thanks WDB crew...another fun day.

I drove home in some of the hardest rain I've ever encountered.  North of Maple Grove the skies cleared as if it never rained.
At home I was alone so decided I should mow and just get it over with.  Had to stop half way through for a water break, got a bit light headed!

Sunday I was up somewhat early and on the bike again heading to the in-laws cabin for Father's Day.  I took a less than direct route in hopes of taking advantage of the predicted wind.  Not often it happens but it worked!  Once to Little Falls I made my turn east and the wind pushed me down 27 at a great clip.  Ended with 74 miles and a day on a windy lake.

Got up early this morning to go mountain biking but the legs and I were tired.  Not worth it...back to bed.  Of course I'm trying to figure if I made the right decision...I know I did but I am me!

Trail work tomorrow at Plum Creek, 5:30.



Eric said...

you need to strap a camera on your bikes for some race video!

Kyia said...

Nice! Way to repeat at the WDB!