Tuesday, July 16, 2013

14 Years.

Last night, after the kids and I made and awesome salad, I hit the North Loop up for a few laps.  I'm really digging the mountain bike right now and the trail is in great shape.  But as always, wish we had more options!

Today Jen and I are celebrating 14 years of marriage.  Not sure where yet but we are going out to eat tonight...without the kids.  So no TNR.  Thus I'll be on the road this morning by 5:30 for a couple hour jaunt down good 'ol county road 8!

Lot's of photos popping up on the Internet of Fat Bike offerings from Specailized and Trek and rumblings of more.  So far nothing has set off my "I want that" sensor so my money is safe...for now!  While I'm a bit bummed Fat Bikes have gone more main stream I do see the benefit of more product availability, namely in Fat Bike specific components.  It's exciting to see how others are tackling the issues big tires cause.

Time to ride.


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