Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fatbike Confusion.

Wow, for the past few weeks all kinds of fatbike news has been popping up.  Pretty exciting for me as I love fatbikes! 

But as many of you know I am a very good consumer so new, exciting things makes my wallet and wife cringe.  So with the release on the carbon Beargrease last February I knew I needed one...ok wanted one.  I even went so far as to add one to our preseason order.  But as I realized I have gone a bit "crazy" in the spending department I took it off order, reluctantly. 

As time passed and more information comes out I'm glad I did.  I'm not sure the Beargrease is the bike for me.  Yes it's lighter than my Ti Mukluk but the overall geometry lends itself more as a "racing" bike and I don't think that fits my needs and wants.  I prefer the really long rides and races and have back issues, etc so the racing geometry doesn't work that well for me.  For others it's a perfect bike.
So do I need the new Ti Mukluk?  It's lighter!

The standard for fatbikes doesn't really seem to be set either.  Not that there should or will be a standard but the dust hasn't settled as to what's best.  Rear hub spacing (135, 170, 186, 190, thru axle...), headsets, BB's, etc.
So I just may wait and see what happens.  However, that Ti Mukluk does look pretty damn cool!

I was about to dive into my dislike of non threaded BB's and odd headsets but I've already done that so moving on!  Note: I see and know the benefit just don't know it's worth the headache.  I still struggle with moving on to anytime with thru axles.  But my options are disappearing.  Get with the now I guess.

Today is the last of my rest period.  I ride tomorrow!  It's suppose to be 47 degrees in the it!


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