Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A group of us (10!) finally got out for a night gravel ride.  We met at the Coborn's parking lot in Clearwater around 7:30 and made way for parts of the Dirt Bag course from previous years.

It was an awesome, mixed, group...just the way gravel is meant to be.  We even had a couple dudes make the trip from the cities!

We hit a bit of rain but just enough to keep us comfortable.  Matt N. and I, who biked out there, hit some good rain on the way home but even that was fun.
There just aren't enough adjectives to describe how much fun I had on the ride.  It was something I needed to get me stoked on riding.  I love gravel and have only ridden it a few times this year.  Time for that to change.
After a long season of hitting the road I think many on the ride were relieved for the gravel and ready to ride some more and some dirt too!
I ended with about 4.5 hours and 76 miles.

Jen is currently a bit under the weather.  She was last night too but told me to hit the ride up anyway.  I'm staying home some from work to help with the kids.  3 girls 10 and under can be a handful, now when you're sick...another story!

Early this Spring I decided to go into summer with a whatever attitude and have fun with riding and enjoy the kids, etc.  I told myself that August I would start to "train" a bit more serious with cross and winter races the goal.  That's Thursday!  I'm ready.  I've already started the diet part.  Cutting back (out?) diet soda.  Headache last night and today!


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