Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Alone.

Jen and the girls headed off to her folks cabin yesterday for the next few days.  While I enjoy the alone time and the quietness it provides, I found myself already missing them last night.  Such a softy.
However, when they are gone riding opens up.  I worked at noon yesterday and was on the Colossal by 5:40 am heading south.  For whatever reason I'm not minding this current heat wave we are in, but rather enjoying it.  Odd, but we do have the AC cranked at home!  So the ride was great!  Ended with 101 miles with a 19.4 mph average.
Even work wasn't too bad on the legs.  I was in the back shop a lot of the time and the AC doesn't get back there too well, so wasn't enjoying the heat too much then.

Thursday is my "work till noon" shift so I'll be heading out on the Fargo with no direction or time limit.  The freedom of time is an amazing feeling.  No one to answer to but yourself.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family and would trade all my bikes away for them...but when this happens a few times a year I do enjoy it!
Looks like the wind is to pick up nicely in time for my ride.  I'm sure I'll be cursing the skies at moments on today's ride.

Rather spur of the moment we have decided to take a family vacation to the North Shore next week.  We all love it up there so super excited.  Bike lots this week and rest next.


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