Tuesday, July 02, 2013

It's All Clear...for now.

Another huge success for trail work!  A good dozen or more workers showed up to take back the North Loop.  All trees have been removed and a good chunk of it mowed.  Ideally we will have another trail night to mow some more and trim back the canopy.  There are still a few wet spots but they should disappear this week.  Time to get your ride on!
Next Tuesday there is a planning meeting at the House of Pizza (STC) to discuss trail features and such at Plum Crrek.  Starts at 6.  I'm sure trail boss Dan will set a trail work night up for Plum Creek that night as well.  Only two weeks and it's already getting over grown.  Trail work is a full time job!

I'm skipping out on the Tuesday Night Ride (TNR) and heading down to Elm Creek to do the mountain bike time trial.  The plan is to get down early enough for a prelap, race, and a cool down lap.  Shooting for 3 laps.  Pretty excited.  I'm in mountain bike mode right now.

The rest of the week will be filled with riding, work, some cabin time, riding, work, and mechanic duty at the Tour of Saints.
August....here we come.

Ride On!

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