Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recovery...more ways than one! Ha, get it?

After the two heat filled centuries on Wednesday and Thursday I've taken the last two day off.  Friday morning I knew I wouldn't make it but thought about a spin the evening.  I got a call for an awesome dinner, boating, and paddle boarding...score.  Thanks Andersons!
Saturday morning the alarm went off at 5.  Way too early.  Harper is teething (molars) so she didn't sleep too well.  I was a zombie.  Back to bed.

After a full day of work we, the family and I, biked to Chipotle, then biked around SCSU.  Introduced the kids to bike tag!  Gorgeous night.
We were celebrating my 5 years of being sober.  Crazy how fast it's gone.  It truly is a work of many.  Thanks everybody.  As the yeas pass I miss it less and less.  Rarely a thought goes into it now.  But yeah, I still sometimes am curious.  Never enough to want to but just wonder what it would be like.  My life is now WAY BETTER.

On the ride home I commented on the cool weather, clear skies, no wind, almost full moon, and that it would be a perfect night for a gravel ride.  Jen's response: Yeah, why aren't you riding?  What?  The rest of the way home I thought about it but nah, family and rest.

Again I set the alarm for 5 this morning but couldn't fall asleep last night.  Not sure why, wasn't stressing, just not tires.  So 4 hours of sleep wasn't enough.  Back to bed.
Meeting Dr. Imholte at the Loop at 8.  Thought about getting there at 6 for some prelaps, but nope!

AND YES...we've set a date for the DIRT BAG.  October 19th.
Registration will be different this year.  More on that in a day or two...promise!


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Tim said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your sobriety! Life is worth living. Pain is worth feeling. Gravel is worth riding. May you enjoy another day of freedom from chemicals.