Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Single Track Smiles.

Man mountain biking is a hoot.  The Elm Creek Time Trial last night was great.  We got down there early enough to ride almost a full lap before the race.  The race started at 6:30 with riders going off every 15 seconds.
I didn't really have any goals.  It's been forever since I've done a mtb tt.  I started out pretty strong.  I hit the trails and just had a groove going that didn't require much braking.  I caught the guy in front of me and thought I could maybe catch another...I was feeling good.

After the first wooded section it dumps into an open area that is basically a Sumac Forest.  I rounded a corner to almost hit a deer!  Slammed on the brakes and the deer was gone.  The next wooded section was a bit more twisty and technical.  Well you could avoid the technical if you wanted, which I did.  However by knowing the course and the which section to take or not take (lots of choices) you could cut some serious time.  The guy that started behind me caught me in here, he was way more technically sound than I.  Once back out in the open I passed him again and stayed out front to the finish.

Oh yeah, I did hit my pedal on something and flew through the air.  So yep, got a crash in too!  That crash stopped my Garmin for a bit so not too sure on my time.  I'd guess 44-45 minutes or so with the winner under 43 minutes.  Those guys are smooth and fast!

My crew than hung out for a bit and hit the trail for another loop.
At the end of that loop people were still mingling about.  We scored some burgers and such!
Awesome day of riding.
30 miles of some fast flowing single track.

Usually on Wednesdays I head out for 3-4 hours.  However, the family and I are heading out of town tomorrow and a lot of packing and cleaning needs to happen.  I'm ok with it but if it was raining it would be easier!  Nicest week so far this summer.
Zoe, our dog, has had the runs since last Friday.  I may not even be leaving but hanging around with her.  Not sure what her deal is.  A Vet call today I believe.


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