Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Season.

The end of summer is near.  Jen had teacher workshops the past two days and again today.  Last night the kids had open house at their school.  A week from yesterday school starts...and so ends morning rides. 
The past two days I've shuttled the kids over to my folks house in the morning eliminating my rides.  The evenings have been packed too.  No riding since our Sunday beat down in the heat.  I will get out this morning for a couple hours.  Time to adjust to a new routine! 

Last night was the first official cyclocross race in MN.  Despite the heat it sounds like many had fun.  I'm pretty excited to do some more cross races.  Last year I had so much fun I planned on doing more and getting more focused for it.  But with work and life it will be more like last year, and that's cool...I had a blast.

I still need to sign up for the Tuscobia race in December and I believe the Arrowhead opens up in September!  It's coming!


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