Friday, August 23, 2013

And the Temperature Climbs.

We have a lull in the heat!  Yesterday and today are pretty much summer perfect weather.  Saturday forward it's predicted to up the humidity and temp for sometime.
I did get out yesterday for 66 road miles.  As they say in the mountains, it was a bluebird day!

Kids, work, and family pictures most likely will leave me rideless today.  Maybe a night ride if I'm feeling it.
Sunday a ride is forming for an early morning departure.  6:30 near SJU, 100 miles of gravel, and lots of heat.  Let me know if you need more details.

I'm slowly gathering prizes for the Revolution's Single Track Escape, Metal Cross, and the Dirt Bag.  I suck at asking for free stuff.  But am really excited for these events.  Toss in the Inspiration 100 and the Heck of the North and I have a busy September-October.  Just pulled out of the Filthy Fifty...just too much going on.  Then it's Fat Bike time!

Have a great weekend.


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