Friday, August 16, 2013

Going South...Winona.

I suck at recovery.  Ended up riding 108 miles yesterday.  While I know it wasn't smart it was damn fun.  Little wind, no humidity, not too hot, no real obligations, family could I not?!  So yeah the legs are still shot from last Saturday as I really never gave them a chance to recover.

Today I'm heading down to Winona for the SSUSA (single speed) race on Saturday.  I've kind of forgotten the debauchery that seemingly goes hand in hand with single speeding.  Via social media I've been reminded of this.  It will be interesting to view it from the sidelines this time and not the one in the middle of it all!
Going into this for fun.  I am pretty excited to ride with a bunch of single speeders up some steep bluffs.  Well that and rumor of Food Trucks has be pretty stoked too!

Have a great weekend.

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