Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Kept Going.

I wasn't all that excited to get out and ride yesterday after work, (short day 9-12).  The dew point was high, the heat was creeping up, and thunderstorms were a possibility.  I left home telling Jen 3 hours, maybe 4. 
Surprisingly I felt great!  It was a day I just wanted to keep going.  Made my way down cty road 8 to 16.  Took 16 all the way to Sand Dunes State Park.  Crossed back over Hwy 10 between Big Lake and Elk River.  Started heading back South passed Monticello.  Around Clearlake Lake to Fairhaven and home.  Ended with 96 miles.  Yep, 4 short of a 100.  I was already passed my predicted time so thought it better to just be done.

This morning the alarm went off at 4:15.  Meeting Matt N. for a morning spin before work.  Ah summer where have you gone?  It's dark out!

Have a great weekend.


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