Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Let me say that riding Monticello (Bertram Park) did not disappoint.  It has a combination of fast, flowy trail with some tight turns into power climbs.  A bit of everything.  I will be going back!  We will need to get some night riding out there too.  Can't wait.

Sunday morning was another early one.  Alarm went off at 4:25, but I slapped snooze a couple of times!  I was out on the road bike by 5:45 heading to my folks cabin.  It was cold at the start, 47 degrees!  I had to rub the arms and stick my fingers in my pits a few times to warm up.
A lot of the route is on the Wobegon Trail.  I biked out Albany on back road, where I jumped on the trail.  I stay on the trail to Garfield, which is the first town NW of Alexandria.  From there I leave the trail and head North for about 30 miles. 
Ended with 106 miles with a 20 mph avg.  The trail helps with the speed, but a tail wind helps too!

Monday I took off from the bike.  Worked and hung with the family.  We did get a family bike ride in around the neighborhood.  I hope to get out and spin today but rain is predicted.

I have the Rusty Ride 100 this Saturday so not much is really planned before that.  I actually thought of dropping down to the 50 but am sticking with the 100.  I figure it will be great training for my winter races, right?!!


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