Thursday, August 08, 2013

Repair Season?

This has been a crazy week at work.  The past 3 days have seen an inordinate amount of department store bikes come in for repair.  While the labor is good the mind freaks out working on so many frustrating bikes.  That coupled with a few tedious repairs and other stuff needing to get done leaves me a bit frazzled and frustrated.
I haven't been riding much this week as the Rusty Ride 100 is this Saturday, but I'm not even excited for that.  I know it will be fun once I get going.  I just haven't done any prep work (packing, bike work, etc) yet....I leave tomorrow.

I wanted to get a ride in yesterday morning but figured sleep was important.  That evening the family and I went to the STC Rox baseball game.  Always a good time. 
I will get out for a spin today.  Maybe cty rd 8 or something similar.

Enjoy the day.


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