Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rusty Ride Report.

A bit overdue but here nonetheless...

Last we was a roller coaster for me.  At one point I was convinced I wasn't going to do the Rusty Ride.  But things turned around and I made the trek up to Cuyuna Friday afternoon.
Going into the race I wasn't expecting much as I just wasn't "feeling it" mentally or physically for a 100 mile race.
7:30 Saturday morning we were off heading for the trail of Cuyuna.  I heard several complaints last year about the lack of single track and too much grassy sections.  This too had me concerned...I was going to hate it was a thought in the back of my mind.

The race starts in Ironton, heads out on a gravel road to pavement, turn onto another gravel/sand road, out on to a bike bath, some single track, more bike bath, road, grassy section (the fat bike trails in the winter), back on the bike bath, a good amount of single track, then back into Ironton for the completion of one lap.
I loved it!  It was a perfect amount of everything for me to not get pissed.  By the time I was ready to be done with a section we hit something new.  This kept me from finding that "dark" place that happens so often in long races.
Being on a single speed the hardest sections for me were the bike paths.  At times the geared riders were going 25+ mph.  My legs must have been a blur....spin, tuck & draft, spin, repeat.

On the first lap the bike path section was the fastest as everyone was fresh and hoping to split the field.  By the time we reached the grass section we were down to 10 riders, I was sitting 8th.  Nothing really happened until the long section of single track.  A couple people got flats, some let out air, some let me pass, while others got gassed.  I came into Ironton for lap one in 5th or so. 
I sat in 4th-6th a lot of the race.  The last lap I was 3rd and eventually 2nd.  Ended the day 1st single speed and 2nd overall.  I only stopped once to pee.  I never had to stop for water or fuel as I carried it all with me.
I had a great time and will be back for more!  Thanks for a great race.

I'm still recovering.  I took Sunday off, rode and easy 40 on Monday, 77 on Tuesday, 42 yesterday morning, and a couple night mtb laps last night.  So not the best recovery but the family is gone so getting while the getting is good!  I can still feel the legs are heavy, but coming around.

This Saturday is the SSUSA race in Winona.  Rumors have it at 35 miles with 4000 feet of climbing!  Ouch!  Yep, made the single speed a bit easier last night.



Fritzrips said...

We have a Utah climb right out my door that is 6,200ft over 10 miles. You'd love it.

Fritzrips said...

We have a Utah climb right out my door that is 6,200ft over 10 miles. You'd love it.

Martin said...

Ride on! Great job Ben

charliefarrow said...

Hey Ben....Great to see you. I am picking YOU to win the Arrowhead on a bike. Do not disappoint!