Friday, August 09, 2013

Sometimes I'm Nuts.

Finally it's the end of the work week, for most, I do work Sunday.  But still...
It was one of those weeks we normally have in April or May.  I wasn't mentally ready for it this time of year.  It really got to me.
So much so that yesterday mid morning the idea of dropping out of the Rusty Ride 100 popped into my head and grew into a real possibility.  But thanks to those on social media that shed the light of what a ride with friends can do I'm back in it...full hearted!

As with any job some days/weeks have you questioning your choice for profession.  Yeah, that was me this week.  I was lusting over the MN Powerball winner.  I could be a great stay at home dad...with help!  But I'm better and really do know I have a great job.  I love selling and fixing bikes makes great sense.  OK I'm done with all that...thanks.

The Rusty Ride 100 starts tomorrow morning at 7:30 up in Crosby on the Cuyuna Trails.  The route is a 25 mile lap, consisting of road, bike path, mowed snowmobile trail, and sweet single track...four times.
There isn't much for camping up that way so I, and some friends, are sleeping in our cars.  Hoping I don't wake with a tweaked neck...I'm getting old.
I'll race (er ride) jump in the car for home in time for bed so I can get up Sunday for work.

Living the Dream.


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