Thursday, August 22, 2013

SSUSA, Gravel, and Thrill Rides.

It's amazing how fast a few days can slip away.  Poof!  Somewhat the story of this summer.  So much fun stuff has happened this summer making it go by in a blur.

Last Saturday I joined a few hundred other folks from all over the nation in Winona to race some single speeds!  SSUSA was a blast.  I've learned to not take these events serious but rather roll with it and enjoy the chaos.  If you go into these events trying to be serious you will be pissed off in no time and miss all the fun.

The start was a 1/4 mile run to our bikes.  As with most single speed events your bike was not where you left it.  I ended finding mine hanging from a tree.  On the bike and the climbing started and really never stopped.  Passing was difficult so I just rode and joked with those around me.  Sometimes I got passed and sometimes I passed others.  The descents were least for a flat lander like myself.  I have yet to check my brake pads but am guessing they are in need of replacement.  One descent was so rock filled and steep I would have had trouble hiking it let alone riding it.  I was actually doing ok until I came unclipped and was unable to clip back in.  Over the bars!  Not hurt and kept on cruising.
All in all it was 35 miles and 4300 feet of climbing!  I ended up 19th.  If I remember right I was around 40 minutes off the winner (killed it with the next riders 15 minutes back!).

Having a big week of riding then the race left my legs shot.  I took Sunday-Tuesday off.  Tuesday was spent at Valleyfair with the family.  I'm getting old for those rides!

Last night 8 off us headed out for a night gravel ride, again from Clearwater.  Awesome group, awesome night, so yeah it was an awesome time.  I biked out there so ended with 82 miles for the night.

Today my right foot is so sore I have trouble putting full weight on it. Great.  Not too sure what that's all about.  My right foot is the one that always hurts, hoping it's not finally coming to a breaking point.

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