Monday, August 26, 2013

The Heat is ON!

Sunday several of us planned on a gravel century.  Knowing it was to get hot and windy we made an effort to get out as early as day light would allow, 6:30.
On the drive out to our meeting point, near SJU, I encountered numerous down pours.  Nothing of rain was mentioned in the forecast, ugh.
We lingered a bit and eventually head out a bit before 7.  The light rain and soaked roads made it the wrong day to wear a white kit!

We took the Wobegon Trail out to Albany, where the roads were dry!  There we hit some gravel.  As it would end we would turn either west or south, heading into the wind.
One long section put us going south in the open for an extended period of time.  The talking stopped and we fell into single file battling the growing wind and heat.  This popped us out west of Paynesville.  There we stopped for the second time to top off water.

The heat and humidity at this point were really picking up and it was only 10:30.  Leaving Paynesville we road our longest section of pavement.  Just couldn't find any gravel roads.  The heat coming of the black top was slowly cooking us!
Eventually we found some gravel and were able to head south.  While going with the wind was great for the legs it did nothing to help with the heat.  Riding at that perfect speed where the wind and you are at the same was ridiculously hot.

The day ended with 106 miles, 18.3 avg, for about 5 hrs 45 minutes.  I was happy with how I felt and still feel.  The legs are a bit tired but the heat didn't kill me this time!

Thanks for the ride fellas!

This week Jen has teacher workshops Monday-Wednesday.  The kids have open house Tuesday Night.  Between this, work, and the heat finding time (or desire) to ride will be tricky!


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