Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Course is Good!

Well the North Loop is about 95% ready for the races this weekend.  A solid crew showed up last night to clear out Twisted Sister, clear some over hanging branches, mow the start/finish area, clear passing lanes, and more. 
I received more prizes yesterday as well.  The process to divide that up begins now.  Really everything is coming along nicely.  Once this is done it's full on Dirt Bag time.  Much neglected.

NGR (night gravel ride) tonight.  Pretty excited.  I'm guessing we have a good sized crew tonight.  7:30 from my house for 2.5-3 hours.  Nice pace, nothing crazy.

I'm still struggling to find a "routine" since school has started back up.  My riding has taken a big hit.  School starting, race recovery, race prep, trail work, school functions, work have all played a roll.  I'll get it figured out in time.  Not stressing....yet!


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