Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Extra Time.

Whoa!  With my lack of riding it's amazing all the extra time I have to do other things!  Hope I don't get too used to this.  Tentatively planned to ride today but the knee is still bugging and a head cold and I are in an all out battle...so whats a few more days?!  I've decided to use the Heck of the North as a relaunch of my riding.  I'm taking the Fargo and going for comfort over speed.  It's going to be a ride (not a race) for me.  I may toss on some wider tires for extra cush.

I haven't just hung out with Harper for a long time so yesterday was pretty fun.  We cleaned, read, played, slept, made messes, cleaned, folded laundry, went to an apple orchard, and just chilled.  I already miss it today.  Such a great kid.

Speaking of sleep I got 9.5 hours last night!  Felt great...maybe the same again tonight.

Later...more water to drink.

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