Thursday, September 26, 2013

Getting Ready...

Another day or so and I'm off to Two Harbors and the Heck of the North Gravel Race.  While I am no where ready for a 100 mile gravel race I am damn excited for it.
The past two years I've gotten into the race only to find the date fell on the same time I was out in Colorado helping Mike at his race, 24 Hour National Championships.  I had to make this year.  So bum knee, head cold, race promotion, and lack of riding won't keep me down.  Slower, yes but not down and out.
I readied the Fargo yesterday.  Put on some bigger meats, Vee Rubber 12 (29x1.9).  Going for a comfortable ride.
I'm excited for the ride and excited for the camaraderie that goes with these races.  It's been a busy few weeks and I feel a bit stressed.  This should help.

The last time I road anything meaningful was Sept 16th.  I'm using the Heck as my kick start to my fall/winter riding.  Taking time off is never easy for me but know it's important.  While this wasn't really planned I'm going with the flow and having fun with it.

Just need to make it through today.


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