Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Holiday Recap.

Dang...almost a week since my last post.  The Holiday Weekend always has me guessing what day it is.
So from where I left off...

Friday morning Matt N. and were out riding by 5:30.  On my own it's super rough getting up early but knowing someone else will be waiting for me is all the motivation I need.  With the wind busting out of the N/NW we pretty much rode the perimeter of St. Cloud.  Ended with 50 miles.

Sunday Matt and I again planned to ride.  With the wind out of the same direction we went up the River Road towards Little Falls.  Once there we went left on Hwy 27 for several miles.  Here we went silent as we were battling the wind full on.
Further down the road we split, Matt went south towards home and I went north...making my way to my in-laws cabin.  I was on Dove Road.  This brought be to Randall and across Hwy 10.  I figured I'd go North a bit more.  But I forgot about Camp Ripley.  There were no turns off this road for miles.  Eventually I hit Pillager and Hwy 210?!  I took 210 to Baxter/Brainerd.  Jumped onto 18 to Cty road 8 to the cabin.  115 miles for the day.  I felt awesome.  Despite the wind I was mentally and physically strong.  Hope I feel like this for the Inspiration 100!

Monday was a MTB ride with the Anderson's.  About 1.5 hours for me. 

Tuesday night some night gravel was planned.  I wanted a super chill ride.  Was a bit faster than if I'd of gone by myself but still fun.  50 miles. My legs need some rest.  Have to drop the car off for repair in Little Falls so taking today off, maybe the rest of the week?

I am loving riding so much right now!

Ride On.

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