Monday, September 16, 2013

Long Sleeves.

Well it's time.  Had to break out the long sleeve jersey for this mornings ride.  Actually could have used a wind vest too, but made due without.  Love this time of year!
Sorry to be a broken record but as much as I love this time of year it's pretty busy too.  I have 4 races in the next month or less that I have a hand in helping with, if not running.  Add to that 3 races I hope to race, plus lots of work, and family time.  Needless to say this mornings ride was just shy of 2.5 hours.  Things to do. 
Last week was kind of a recovery week so only rode 5-6 hours, all mountain biking.  Hope to do more this week but it's looking rough.  Oh well, such is life.

Tuesday, tomorrow, we are doing the last trail work day at the North Loop for our race this weekend.  Please come lend a hand if you can.  Starting at 5:30.

Wednesday is NGR (Night Gravel Ride) time!  7:30 at my house, since I will be on kid duty till then.  Let me know if interested, etc.

Thursday I work all day, 9-8, so maybe an early morning trail run.

Friday is course set up for the races on Saturday and Sunday at the North Loop.  Come and help if you can...2ish.

Saturday and Sunday...races.  All work and no play!

Have a great day.


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