Monday, September 23, 2013

Post Race Weekend.

I'm always amazed how tired I am after hosting a race.  I think the build up and being outside all day just wear me down.  Thus, today, I'm shot.  Actually stayed home from work with Harper...she's filled with snot right now.

Saturday was the MN High School MTB race at the North Loop.  We didn't have much responsibility but we sold concessions.  I was in shock how much we sold and how much money the club made!  Once the race was done we had to finish our course set up for the MN Series Race on Sunday.  So Saturday was a 10-8 day outside with about an hour of work once home.

Sunday I was out at the trail by 7.  I always stress, freak out, cause drama, etc. about being the race director (while I carry that title I know there are several that take on all the duties!)...which always turns out to be unwarranted.  You think I would learn!  Huge thanks and props to all the volunteers from the Central MN Nordic Ski Club and MMCC that spent their Sunday making our race a huge success.  All money raised goes to the trails in one form or another.

For whatever reason I do stress a lot about making the race a success and fun for all.  To see happy racers with smiles and handshakes afterwards makes it worth while and prompts me to step up again for next year.  But nope, not this time...I'm done.  So yeah, anyone want to be race director?!
Along those lines I almost called off the Dirt Bag...I just didn't want to deal with it.  Brian, co-director, talked me off the ledge!  But yeah, taking a bit of a hiatus from the Dirt Bag after this year too.  Need to refocus and reenergize myself.
That being said, the Dirt Bag will still be a great event.  We are going back to the basics, like our first year.  Every year I felt I needed to up the game a bit to keep the riders happy and, I guess, to keep up with the other races.  But gravel events that are free need not be a glamourous to do, at least in my opinion.  I love gravel events because they are a no frills, no cost, no bs, all smiles good time.  See you in Clearwater.

Later...race clean up still goes on.

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