Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Little Pink.

Turns out Avery does have pink eye.  My day consisted of work, home, Dr., Pharmacist, home, and back to work for a ski clinic.  Thus my run never happened.  I did, however, leave for the clinic early on the fat bike and got a couple laps in at Plum Creek, which is in great shape.  That combined with the ride home I got in a bit over 1.5 hours.

Tonight I'm heading out on the fat bike again.  This time I'll jump on the North Loop, Sand Prairie, and the St. Benedict Center Woods.  The last two trails kind of suck but for some reason on a fat bike and at night they are pretty fun!
Between getting our skis out at work, getting 90% of our fat bikes built, having clinics, and cooler temps I'm getting a bit jacked for winter!

Bring it.

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