Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fat Bike!

Yesterday I wanted to start Monday Night Lights but decided to hit up some gravel instead and give the trails a bit more time to dry out.  I have a few bikes I use for gravel but two of them have been converted over to CX duty and the Fargo is down and out after the Heck of the North.  Fat Bike time!  Took the Salsa Ti Mukluk while others were on their mountain bikes.
The route wasn't anything special...north to some gravel and back home.  Thought about hitting up the creek crossing but it was getting cold and I wasn't 100% sure where it was at.  Once home the temp came in at 47 degrees.

I super excited to be on the Fat Bike and loved how it felt.  It's time to start piling on the miles with this rig.  It does take some getting used to the 100mm bottom bracket and the jacked Q factor...but all was good.

Strongly considering going down to the cities tonight for the last running of TNCX (Tuesday Night Cross).  But potentially may have a sick kid and just plain 'ol life.  Time will tell.  I'm going to pack like I'm going.


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