Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting Back At It.

For that past month my riding has been very sporadic.  A day here a day there and many days off.  Wasn't really planned but it's just the way it went.  Not wanting to fight it and freak out I told myself let it run it's course and get back at it after the Dirt Bag.  It's go time!
I've gotten out the past 3 days all on the fat bike: 1.5, 2, 2:45 hours.  Feels pretty good.  I am adjusting to the cool temps.  My hands got pretty cold this morning and took a while to regain full function afterwards. 
Kind of wanted to get a 100 miles in October, November, and December on the fat bike but not thinking it will happen this month.  Thought about tomorrow as it's my short day at work but I'm doing cross on Sunday and then again next weekend both days...may not be the best idea, but I've never boasted to be smart!
So who knows...just having fun waiting for snow!


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