Monday, October 28, 2013


Alright, where to start? Thursday: decided to take the All City Nature Boy (SS CX Bike) out for some cross riding and intervals. Near my house there is about a 1/4 mile gravel walking path that never gets used. I did some intervals on that. While not fun, I'm told it makes you faster...not sure it's worth it! I then cruised around to Sand Prairie, North Loop, Riverside, and home. Never more than a mile or two from my house and got two hours in! Friday: I worked noon-8, so once the kids were at school I jumped on the fat bike and headed for parts of the Dirt Bag course. I'm really enjoying the fat bike right now. Not the fastest bike but pretty much the most fun bike I have! Was looking for 2.5-3 easy hours but hit a detour that forced a reroute adding on some time. Still easy but 3.5 hours. Saturday: The family was in Madison so home alone. I worked but headed out for a 30 minute run. Not much, But I haven't run in a very long time. As the day progressed I could tell my legs were getting tight. Hmmm...maybe the hour spin on the bike would have been the better choice! Sunday: Donkey Cross!!! Tom and I headed down to Ham Lake around 9 for our race at 12:30. What a perfect day. Not too warm or cold, and the sun was out! The race went well for me. My legs were sore from the week but overall I did pretty well. Ended up 5th SS and 11th overall. I hit some lap traffic and lost the group I was chasing. I tried to dig and get back on but I lost sight of them and hence the urgency to catch back on. The should've/would've/could've excuses kicked in later on that day but what the heck...I had a blast! Can't wait for next weekend and Velo Cross. Two days of racing. Tonight it looks good for Monday Night Lights but I haven't heard anything from anyone. My family didn't get home till 9:30 last night so I haven't really seen them yet. Go with the flow. Later.

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