Friday, November 01, 2013

Candy Overdose.

Light mist, low clouds, little wind, and mid 40's are some of my favorite conditions to ride in.  While the motivation to get out when it's like that isn't high, once out I'm smiling!  Yesterday was no different.  As any house with three kids I had a lot of other stuff I could have been doing yesterday but needed and wanted a ride.  Just a bit over two hours but enough.  Really felt I could have gone all day.  First time, this season, on the Surly Cross Check Single Speed.  It's my winter ride.  Had to bust loose the BB but resistance training is good, right?!

Glad I did get a ride in cause my will power around candy is worse than it use to be around booze.  I'm sure I was still high on the calorie count even with my ride!
I have friend that is doing No Treat November and put it out there for others to join her.  What the hell...I'm in.  May have to fudge around Thanksgiving for some pumpkin pie!

Heading down to Coon Rapids tonight.  Velo CX is a short drive from my in laws house.  Two days of  two-a-day racing.  Should be fun...and interesting!  Gut Rot!!!


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