Friday, November 08, 2013

Down in the Dumps.

Yesterday the "feeling sorry for myself" peaked.  I worked till noon.  Hung around a bit longer to put together a bike, only to realize I have the wrong headset, ugh.  In the car I decided to drown my sorrow with a burrito.  Must say Bravo helped my depression!  At home I iced my hand for a good chunk of the afternoon.  I did pick some stuff up around the house before having to go pick up the kids.
The rest of the night I was in a cloud of depression.  Hate when I get like this, because really it's not a big deal, and my attitude affects the entire family.  Just need to look towards next week and a fresh start.
The hand is still swollen but better.  Every day the pain reduces and the function increases.  Jen wants me to go see a Dr. but truly feel is was just jammed.  I was convinced last night to call the Dr. today but this morning the hand feels way better.

Speaking of next week, on Monday a few of us are, finally, starting up Monday Night Lights.  A lot of us will be on fat bikes but any mtb will work.  Meeting at the North Loop at 7.  The ride will progress as the night allows.


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