Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Snow and a Crash.

So I failed at getting out for a ride yesterday.  Kid duty and meetings in the morning took the early ride out and family duties, rain, and lack of motivation took the evening ride.  By the time things settled and a ride was possible it was 8:10 and I wasn't feeling it...and I had big plans the rest of the week.
Woke up this morning with plans of riding gravel.  On the way to school with the kids I noticed it was icy and the snow was sticking around...Fat Bike!
 Hit up the North Loop first.
About 3/4 into my first lap I ran into Tyler.  He had a bit more time before class so we crossed hwy 10 to Sand Prairie.
A favorite spot.
Back at the North Loop Tyler headed to class and I went out for another lap.  I was hoping for 2-2.5 hours today.  Again, about 3/4 of the way through I slipped a bit and clipped a tree.  This tossed me to the ground.  It was slow and should not have been a problem.  But yeah, landing on your thumb sucks.  That ended my ride.  I could grip the bar.  Nor can I hold a cup of coffee or use my left hand to put on deodorant.  Great.  Had hoped for 5-6 hours on the fat bike tomorrow and more the rest of the week.  Gotta go with the flow and see what happens.  Damn.  But it was fun!

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