Monday, December 02, 2013

In A Cloud.

Dang...that was a long break! Not gonna lie, I was overcome with depression. I know I just can't ride so what's the big deal? Well when you're a headcase like me it's a huge deal! I had already taken some time off and limited my riding in preparation for the training I would do for my upcoming winter races. But then the crash has me down and out. I rode the trainer twice and ran once. I have lots of excuses why I didn't do more but man depression is powerful. I did, however, eat a lot! And not the good kind either. This ends today. Time to shake the head clear of this crap and move on. The first thing I did was pull myself out of the Tuscobia 150. If I get the cast off when scheduled I will only have a week until the race. Just not worth the stress, etc. Next is I'm cleaning up my eating, not always easy around the holidaze but enough of the excuses. Lastly is get active again...doing whatever. Being active is how crazy people like me keep depression at bay! And it's currently snowing! Later.

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