Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's All Good.

Still no riding since Friday...all gym time.  I've made the decision to roll with work, family, life, and the weather.  Come May so much more time will be available.  Why stress for a month about sneaking in rides when an entire summer awaits.  By now you know I'm a nut job so making this choice frees my mind from the endless guilt, etc!  So bring on the snow...up to 8" predicted today.

Work continues to be an onslaught of repairs.  Long day yesterday gets repeated with a 12 hour day today.  With the predicted snow I'm hoping we can get caught back up!

I do have Friday through Sunday off with no major obligations.  If it works out I hope to stack on some good rides.  The Marty Road Race goes down on Saturday.  Thought of racing it but most likely will bike out there, help Marshall a corner or two, and bike home.  I'm actually pretty excited for it.  Go Revo Cylcle!


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