Friday, April 18, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

Hopefully today starts the 3 day binge of riding.  Soon I plan on heading out on a LSD ride...that's long slow distance.  It's a SE wind and I haven't ridden that way for sometime.  Pretty excited.  Excited to get my butt on the Salsa Colossal too!  Love that bike...can't believe I entertained ideas at selling that!

Tomorrow several of us are meeting up at the shop to head out on the hill route ride at 10.  This always leaves my legs and lungs begging for mercy.  Good for me I guess.
Sunday is Easter.  A family gathering is going down in Little Falls.  Hope to ride up there, maybe a bit of detour on the way too.
Next week shows much nicer weather.  Monday may be a spin to ready myself the TNR beat down.  Of course all this can change will chaos at the shop and home life.  Currently, I'm ok with that...currently!

I do feel I need to thin the herd some but really struggle with which, if any bikes I could part with.  I truly ride them all.  I keep coming back to on of my Salsa Ti Mukluks.  Yes I have two.  One I baby and the other I ride in whatever.  I really like the naked look but like some of the features on the painted one.  Hmmm, big problems I know.
Thinking I may put the naked Mukluk up for sale.  Loaded with XTR and such.  Let me know if interested.

Let's get our ride on.


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