Saturday, April 19, 2014


Riding...finally!  A week after my last ride I got out again for another.  I had a few inquiries if I wanted to ride with others but sometimes (ok a lot for me) I like to ride alone.  The route itself was nothing special, maybe even boring but I had a blast.  It felt so good to get out.
STC, Cty road 8, Sherburne Wildlife Refuge, Sand Dunes State Park, Zimmerman, Santiago, Airport, and home.  A tad over 4 hours...and the legs feel good today too!  Well that will be determined on today's Hill Route Ride (HR).  This one will hurt but today I'll have the pleasure of other riders.  It's good for me.

Not to be a broken record but damn titanium bikes rock.  Oh so comfortable, solid, and fast.  Go get on one today!  They aren't any more expensive than the carbon counterpart.  Yes they are a bit heavier but the comfort trumps that any day.

Time to battle the wind and hills.


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