Thursday, April 17, 2014


9" of the white stuff unfortunate record for April 16th.  School currently is two hours late and I'm seriously trying to decide if shoveling is worth it or not!
The silver lining to all this is I got a ton of repairs done at work yesterday.  My age (only 38 but damn) and injuries are letting me know this morning that standing and wrenching for 12 hours is not appreciated.  My knee is swollen and my left hand (the one I broke last fall) is weak.  Oh well, more of the same today!

I most likely will shovel, if nothing else it will be my workout for the day!  May hit the gym this afternoon...doubt it...but they do have a sauna!!

The Marty Road Race has been postponed to a later date, TBD.  This frees up my day.  The Mammoth Gravel Ride is going on.  Currently it's on my radar but I'm fickle and will most likely ride around here.  Was hoping to get a long ride in tomorrow, but will assess the conditions in the morning.  Guessing a lot of melting will happen today.

and the day begins...

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