Monday, May 19, 2014

Finally Got some Big Miles.

Well Thursday's ride was exactly what the knee needed.  Getting out of the neighborhood I had my doubts I'd make it very far.  But as I continued on the knee loosened up and was pain free.  Actually pain free most of the day!
Friday was busy with work and Harper duty so it was a gym morning.
I worked Saturday.  I headed in early to switch brakes on my mountain bike for the Woolly Race on Sunday.  I have many excuses, I'm good at them, but it comes down to that I decided not to race the Woolly.  I made the call Saturday evening.  It wasn't easy, ask Jen...I walked around the house with a look of pain on my face half the night!

Sunday I got up somewhat early and was out the door on my Salsa Fargo searching for gravel.  I hit the wind head on so South, Southwest was the direction.  I hit some familiar gravel and some new.  Lots of fun gravel south of Kimball.  A main road closing caused me some extra distance.  Ended up back home with over 6 hours and 105 miles of riding.  I felt great.  I did get tired at home but that doesn't matter to a two year old who loves being outside.
It was a great day all around.

Back to work and Monday.


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