Friday, May 02, 2014

It's Friday, You Ain't Got No Job,...

Well it's Friday and I've yet to ride all week.  Blah.  No ones fault but my own.  Today will be day four at the gym...again blah.  I am truly craving and all day ride my my lonesome, but this will have to wait.  This weekend we are heading up to Bemidji to visit my sister and her family.  But a bike is coming along and just maybe we will get a ride in!
Only two more weeks till our summer help starts back on at the shop!  This will help free up some time.  Yesterday I worked all day and it's crazy how tired that makes me feel.  No idea how we did that all the time when we opened?!
So yeah next week "IT" starts...I mean it this time,'s go time!

Have a great weekend.


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