Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Time to Get Back at It.

Back home and ready to fall back into routine.  Two days up in Bemiji visiting family and then two days down in SW MN for my Grandma's funeral.  Funny how four days off can make me feel out of sorts.  I'm sure work is fine but I have anxiety about piles of work or stuff I didn't do that needed my attention.  Plus I work at noon today, which usually means I hit the ground running.  I much prefer to ease into it!  It'll be just fine...I'm just weird.

Because I work at noon I'm heading out for a road ride after I get the kids to school.  Sounds like rain the rest of the week.  I did get a great ride in on Monday too.  Planned a ride in my head for Tuesday night but once we got home from the funeral I just felt like family time.  It was great.


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